Putin is not considering the issue of accession of South Ossetia

President Vladimir Putin has declared that does not consider relations between Russia and South Ossetia in the context of accession of that state. He said this to journalists after a “Straight line”.

“We’re in such a context, while our relations with South Ossetia is not considered”, — he told journalists, answering the question about the possibility of joining South Ossetia to Russia, Interfax reported.

Earlier in the conversation, the President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov, according to Putin, assured that the issue required a referendum on joining Russia its nothing hinders, in addition to understanding the interests of their people.

“He said that the people of South Ossetia wants to conduct such a referendum, but we can’t resist. Nothing hinders, in addition to the interests of the South Ossetian people,” Putin said, adding that Moscow does not know yet what will be on the basis of this referendum and how it will be worded the question in its final form.