Moscow will spend 28 million rubles for the popularization of cultural heritage

The Department of information technology (DIT) of the capital spend 28.5 million rubles on modernization, development and support of existing systems Learn about Moscow, follows from published documents on the procurement website. The contractor was the company Notamedia (LLC “Notamedia”), with DIT over the past four years were concluded more than 10 contracts totaling more than 318 million rubles, according to base “SPARK-Interfax”. In particular, the company has created for the CIO updated version of the portal The new contract is almost 2.5 years, its funding may be increased by not more than 10%.

Learn about Moscow, as follows from the tender documentation, is intended to “popularize the objects of cultural heritage” in Moscow, “education and raising cultural and educational level” of the capital’s residents and tourists from other cities and countries. The system should contain relevant information about immovable cultural heritage (monuments, museums), historical figures, routes, etc., as well as all the necessary functionality for contests and other events, “aimed at promoting the objects”.

In addition, the specification provides for the extension of functionality as the web version of the portal and its mobile apps: for example, the service “Know Moscow” must contain a tool to collect statistics of clicks on the site by QR codes and AR markers in the routes, an extended version of maps and information about specific homes, places for banner advertising and separate section for backpackers to display recommendations. It is also assumed that mobile app, for example, will be able to work with augmented reality.

The current version of “Know Moscow” is in commercial operation, according to documents procurement: in fact it is laid out in one of the sections of the official website of Moscow. The system was created in 2012, and for the past nearly four years has been spent in total more than 60 million roubles, follows from the data in the contracts on the procurement website. There is also the app “Learn Moscow” Photo (“Photo MIND”), in which, for example, you can make your photo with 3D images of Peter the great, Catherine the great, Peter Tchaikovsky, Viktor Tsoi and other historical figures, stated on the website Notamedia.

In DIT plan that the end of the year will be developed an English version of the mobile application “study Russia” and “MIND Photo”, the portal should be held 200 events (which is not disclosed) expect that in 2016 the system “Know Moscow” will use 800 thousand unique users, and in 2018-m — 1 million

Notamedia — digital Agency, working with state agencies and major private clients (for example, Aeroflot, EVRAZ). The company’s revenue for 2014 was about 134 million rubles., net profit — 1.3 million rubles. Similar indicators for 2013 to 91.5 million rubles and 0.9 mln respectively. Financial information for the year 2015 in base “SPARK-Interfax” yet.