The Prosecutor General’s office appealed against the house arrest of Dmitry Mason

The Russian Prosecutor General’s office of cassation appealed against the measure of restraint, the owner of Domodedovo Dmitry Kamenshchik and former top managers of the airport. The actions of the Prosecutor General in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” said the Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Vladimir Malinovsky.

Four employees of the airport are the defendants in the case about the terrorist attack in Domodedovo airport in January 2011. Among them were Mason and former heads of enterprises of the airport complex Svetlana Trishina, Vyacheslav Nekrasov and Andrey Danilov. Mason and Trishina are under house arrest until 28 April, Danilov and Nekrasov is under arrest.

“We do not agree with a measure of restraint concerning suspects. Just recently, we have introduced the cassation representation in the Presidium of the Moscow city court to cancel the measure of restraint in respect of all four defendants in the case,” said Malinowski.

He explained that the state office of public Prosecutor still believes that in fact, defendants in which they are, there is no crime prescribed by the article 238 of the Russian criminal code (rendering services not meeting requirements of safety, entailed death more of two persons)

Malinowski also said that the Prosecutor General’s office will argue for the application of the TFR on the extension of the term of house arrest Mason.

A criminal case under article 238 of the Russian criminal code was initiated in April last year. According to investigators, in 2010 the managers of Domodedovo without reason has simplified the procedure for examination of citizens at the airport, 24 January 2011 allowed the terrorist to smuggle into the airport building a bomb and detonate it. In the attack, 37 people were killed, 170 were injured varying degrees of severity.

In February this year the court ordered a measure of restraint for all four defendants in the criminal case. The Prosecutor General’s office have repeatedly stated that actions of the leadership and top managers of the airport and loss of life in the attack, there is no causality. The Committee of inquiry, on the contrary, this mind.

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