Related searches of TASS and “Mikhailov and partners” the case was closed

The police closed the criminal case involving the embezzlement of funds by the conclusion of an allegedly fictitious contract between the communication Agency “Mikhailov and partners” and the Corporation of development of Primorsky Krai, according to “Vedomosti”.

The case was closed on 11 February 2016, said in the letter that the Colonel of justice, the Deputy chief of the investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs Alexander Krakovsky wrote to the General Director of “Mikhailov and partners” Svetlana Gorevoy.

From the letter follows that the case is dismissed “in connection with absence in act of structure of a crime provided by article 159 of the RF criminal code (fraud).

Information on termination of the case confirmed to “Vedomosti” a source in law enforcement bodies.

In early February in TASS and communicative Agency “Mikhailov and partners” were searched. At the same time the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported with reference to the letter that the Deputy public Prosecutor Yury Gulyagin sent to the Minister for Far East development Alexander Galushka in April 2015, that investigative actions are connected with business about plunder of budgetary funds. About communication of searches at the Agency with charges of embezzlement, the newspaper said one of the employees of “Mikhailov and partners”. According to him, during the search was seized documentation relating to this agreement, she is now returned to the company.

The case was filed in February 2015. The reason for was the contract between the development Corporation of the Primorsky territory (“Our home — Primorye”) and “Mikhailov & partners” in April 2013 following the contest.

Under the terms of the contract, the Agency had to provide services for the project “Development and implementation of communication tools for positioning “Our home — Primorye” in the information field”, including to conduct a website audit, to develop recommendations for its maintenance and to conduct a series of media training sessions on socio-economic development of Primorsky Krai. The initial price of the Agency’s services was 3.56 million rubles — the contract stipulates that its value can be changed only in exceptional cases and not more than 30%. But later the company entered into two additional agreements that increased the cost of the contract three times to 10,69 million rubles. “Our house — Primorye” has paid this sum at the expense of budgetary funds that were supposed to be spent on the construction of infrastructure gambling zone “Primorye”. In the letter, this fact shall be indicated both on the violation of budgetary discipline. The price of services of the Agency were too high—on average, these services at the market of Primorsky Krai are worth 2.4 million rubles, according to experts “the Khabarovsk laboratories and independent forensic examination”. In addition, believed a consequence, the paid services have been performed formally.