In Syria, parliamentary elections began

Parliamentary elections began in Syria on Wednesday morning, April 13, according to the Agency SANA. 250 seats in Parliament claimed more than 3,500 candidates from all Syrian provinces.

Polling stations started their work at 7:00 and will work till 19:00. Only the country were operating more than 7,300 polling stations. Voting may be extended for up to five hours by the Supreme Commission.

A decree on holding parliamentary elections in Syria April 13, February 22 issued President Bashar al-Assad. He did it a few hours after it was announced the agreement between Russia and the U.S. on the ceasefire in Syria.

Later in March, Assad said he was ready to hold early presidential elections. “In principle I have no problem with that, because the President can’t work without popular support. But if the President has popular support, he should always be ready for such step. I can say that fundamentally for us it’s not a problem,” — said Assad.