The defense Ministry denied the cancellation of the spring draft in Chechnya

The Russian defense Ministry denied reports about the cancellation of the spring draft in Chechnya. According to the chief of the main organization and mobilization Directorate of the General staff Vasily Tonkoshkura, information about this in the media is untrue, the report said the Ministry of defense received by RBC.

The staff explained that, in accordance with the law “On military duty and military service” conscription of citizens for military service twice a year is held in all Russian regions, except for the subjects related to the far North (Komi Republic and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug). The call takes place only once in autumn.

Tonkoshkura said that in Chechnya the call is the same as in the other subjects of the Russian Federation. He referred to the decree of the head region of 24 March 2016 year, which refers to the establishment of the Republic of draft boards. As of April 12, in Chechnya the military service called for 355 people.

On the eve of TASS referring to the military Commissioner of the Chechen Republic Ahmed Ciranova announced that the country will miss the spring draft this year. He explained that now “the adaptation of our guys, because almost a quarter of a century the Chechens were not in the army”. Dzheirkhanov noted that sending Chechens into the army will become systematic, if the adaptation is successful recruits.

Later, in an interview with RIA Novosti Dzheirkhanov information on the abolition of appeal denied. The Commissar said that the campaign in the region takes place in accordance with the established procedure.

For the first 20 years military conscription in Chechnya was held in the fall of 2014. The decision to hold the campaign in the region took defense Minister Sergei Shoigu after the request of Ramzan Kadyrov.