The advertising slogan “Nalizes!” network Burger King were admitted

As reported “Russian news service” with the meeting of the Board present at the meeting lawyers and linguists were of the opinion that the play on words in the slogans supported the image of the food network, whereby the advertising does not violate the law.

“To incriminate in this case anything it is impossible. Formally, to say that something is not broken, the advertiser can always argue that the verb has a direct meaning. The legislator has not included these words in the appropriate list (prohibited for use in advertising the words. – RBC), said during the meeting, the representative of the expert Council, Agency reports “Moscow”.

According to his information, during the voting, the slogan “don’t amastris!” counted correctly, only two members of the expert Council, the others did not see in the advertisement breaches or abstained. The slogan “Nalizes” has not caused problems in any of the representative Council.

“Very pleased that our views coincide,” commented the decision of the expert Council lawyer Burger King, reports RNS.

The meeting was attended by representatives of public organizations, business bodies, Executive authorities, experts and industry specialists.

Ad network Burger King with slogans “don’t amastris!” and “Nalizes” was shown, in particular, when connecting to public Wi-Fi network in the Moscow metro. Last Friday the Moscow management FAS has informed that has issued this advertisement on the discussion of the expert Council. As emphasized in the FAS, complaints about ads have been reported, but it was decided to discuss because of the wide public resonance.