Before the collision of trains in Bavaria, the Manager played on the phone

The Manager of one of the two colliding trains in Germany shortly before the accident, was playing an online game on your mobile phone. It is reported by Spiegel, citing data from the local Prosecutor’s office.

The Department explained that this diverted the man’s attention and became a cause of accident. “We must assume that, judging by the close temporal relationship, the defendant was distracted from the traffic control crossing trains”, — stated in the investigative body. The Manager admitted that he played, but denied that was distracted because of this.

Head-on collision of trains occurred at the beginning of February 2016 in the resort area of bad Aibling, southern Bavaria. Trains at full speed and collided head-on. As a result 11 people were killed, another 85 were seriously injured. Later, the Manager was detained and arrested.

Sources RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland claimed that one of the dispatchers disable the automatic alarm, the system will be able to “manually” ignore the delayed train. Police in Bavaria then denied this information. Later, the Prosecutor’s office stated that the cause of the accident was “human error”.

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The collision of two passenger trains in Germany

On the morning of Tuesday, February 9th, in remote areas in the South of Germany at full speed and collided in the forehead two passenger trains. The accident occurred in the resort area of bad Aibling,…

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