MTS has lowered the price to 400 smartphones

As told to “Vedomosti”, the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov, last week the company lowered prices for almost 400 models of smartphones HTC, LG, Microsoft, Lenovo, Apple, etc. the prices of these smartphones have been reduced by 5-24%. Also approximately 10% decrease in prices 20 Samsung models. According to Solodovnikov, the decline in the prices of the Samsung smartphones mainly last year, but rather running models with support for LTE.

The representative of MTS called it the second wave of reduction of prices on electronics: the first began In his words, from the beginning of April, prices were reduced to every other model smartphones at MTS.

As previously reported by Solodovnikov RBC, April 1, MTS has reduced prices on 5 thousand items of goods in the retail. According to him, the maximum discount on smartphones from 5 to 9 thousand rubles for individual models of Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Alcatel, and Asus, and tablets — 12-13 thousand rbl. for devices Sony Tablet Z3 and the Apple iPad Air.

In addition, MTS announced that it will start to return both new and existing subscribers 10 thousand rubles. on the mobile phone when you purchase the Samsung Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge. The same mechanism of reverse subsidies MTS “soon” plans to extend to budget smartphones (up to 5 thousand rubles.), said Solodovnikov. According to him, the actions of the company — continuing last year’s strategy: in April 2015, MTS has reduced prices of gadgets, discounts amounted to 10-30%.