Saakashvili commented on the statement Yatsenyuk about resignation

Odesskoi the head of the regional administration Mikhail Saakashvili commented on the resignation of Arseniy Yatsenyuk from the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine, calling it “the first result of our struggle”. About this he wrote in his Facebook.

“I met with the President of Ukraine [Petro Poroshenko], when he brought the resignation of Yatsenyuk. Our struggle has brought the first result, but to be honest, cause for alarm I have more than enough on the background dogovornyakov and behind-the-scenes tete-a-tetes last days,” wrote Saakashvili.

Yatsenyuk announced his resignation earlier on Sunday, the broadcast of “10 minutes with Prime Minister” which was published on the channel “Espreso TV”. “Starting today, you can see your tasks are wider than the powers of the head of the government,” he said.

During his speech, he explained that his resignation will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada on April 12. As noted Yatsenyuk, to take the decision to resign from his post it has prompted a political crisis in Ukraine.