The U.S. justice Department will continue to seek assistance in hacking the Apple iPhone

The U.S. Department of justice will finish the judicial review, forbidding the government to compel Apple to assist in unlocking iPhone. About it reports Reuters with reference to a letter the Department sent to the Federal court in Brooklyn.

“The government continues to need help Apple in gaining access to data that is permitted to provide by order”, — the statement says.

The scandal around the attempts by U.S. intelligence to get an opportunity razblokirovat the iPhone broke out after the FBI and the U.S. justice Department demanded from Apple to help you access data on the iPhone 5 °C, belonging to the San Bernardino Syed Farouk. It was reported that the smartphone terrorists can store data that can assist in the investigation.

In mid-February, the company lost the FBI, the court of first instance, but refused to obey the request of the security services and challenged this decision. On March 29, the U.S. justice Department has withdrawn a lawsuit against Apple. The reason for this was that the authorities managed to circumvent the encryption of smartphone Farouk without the help of the company.