Media included Google among the contenders to buy Yahoo

American search engine Google is mulling the purchase the online assets of Yahoo. On this April 7 reported the Agency Bloomberg with reference to one source.

The Board of Directors of Yahoo has started to seek buyers for major Internet company’s assets at the end of February 2016 under pressure from investors. “Sale” includes a mail service, portal, search engine, thematic vertical, the blogging platform Tumblr and mobile Analytics service Flurry. No details about exactly what assets and interesting Google at what stage are the negotiations on the deal, Bloomberg does not.

The main contender for the business of Yahoo is still the largest U.S. Telecom operator Verizon Communications. According to Bloomberg sources familiar with the negotiations, the company plans to buy not only Internet business Yahoo, but its share in the Japanese business Yahoo! Japan. Neither the amount Verizon has to offer Yahoo or other details Bloomberg does not reveal.

The Agency also says that other potential buyers — operators AT&T and Comcast — has abandoned the “battle” for the assets of Yahoo. Microsoft, which failed to absorb Yahoo in 2008, this time also remained aloof from the struggle for the company.