In Kyiv near the presidential administration has set fire to tires

Activists of the movement “Avtomaydan” arranged at the building of the presidential administration of Ukraine in Kiev a rally demanding lustration law enforcement officials, during which he set fire to several tires. This is reported by UNN and publications “” with reference to reports of activists on social networks.

Photos from the protest in his Facebook posted by the activist “Avtomaydana” Sergei Koba.

“” also publish videos showing how “security forces formed a cordon in front of the AP (administration of the President. — RBC), the activists blocking the path to the building.” “Burning tires tried to extinguish from the fire extinguisher, as evidenced by the large amount of white powder, sprayed on the spot of the action”, — writes the edition.

Agency UNN quotes user Facebook Irina Lisova, who writes that “now, under the PA collisions”. “Automaidan protesters set fire to tires. Require lustration law enforcers, prosecutors,” she wrote.

As the correspondent of the publication “Apostrophe”, in addition to the activists of “Automaidan” near the presidential administration are located at least 100 people who are watching what is happening. The police “does not constitute” activists who set fire to several tires, and await the arrival of fire trucks, the newspaper writes.

On air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” rally of activists at the walls of the presidential administration commented a spokesman for the national guard of Ukraine Svetlana Pavlovskaya. According to her, there is no collision was registered.

“We know that people came there to Express their opinion. Mood is like the “avtomalinovka”. Today, units of Netpolice of Ukraine together with the military personnel of the national guard, there’s a few hundred, and they carry out protection of a public order with the aim that people could Express opinions, but to not act beyond the scope of the rights”, — quotes “” Paul. “It is important that this play has remained a show and not have to use force,” she added.

At the same time a protest in Kiev holds the Radical party of Oleh Lyashko. Liashko brought a cow to the building of the Ukrainian government, demanding increase of procurement price of milk. In this action also participated milkmaids of Kiev region, what the politician wrote in his Facebook.