“Yandex” has launched a virtual PBX for business

“Yandex” has launched the virtual automatic telephone station (ATS) for small and medium business, which will allow users to process customer calls. About it on April 7 at a press conference, said project Manager Elizabeth Alekseenko. In software development participated MightyCall, and telecommunications services and numbering capacity provides the operator SunSim (brand telecommunications company “Countrycom”). The size of the investment in “Yandex.Telephony” are not disclosed. The cooperation is based on revenue sharing business model (revenue split), but don’t call the proportions of the income distribution. Their plans for the number of users of “Yandex” also does not reveal.

All clients of the service receive a free phone number (for an additional fee to choose a “beautiful room”). The final cost of services depends on how much the client spends on communication in the month: if less than 999 rubles., the price of a call will be from 0.55 to 1.45 rubles (depending on type of call), if more minute is cheaper. The maximum range of additional services is 999 rubles per month, it includes access to statistics of appeals, the record and support the call queue. Now the service is available for companies from Moscow and St. Petersburg: at the end of the year, the company will decide whether to expand the list of regions of the service.

Telephone communication is still in demand among customer companies, said Alekseenko. The study of “Yandex”, 27% of clients of the Russian companies get on the phone. But small and medium businesses is not always able to respond promptly to calls or not ready to connect complex solutions to manage incoming requests: 90% of such companies do not use similar solutions, and 48% of small businesses no special operators who answer calls, the study showed.

Customers can configure rules for handling incoming calls (to distribute the topics between the experts of the company), to receive voice messages from customers. For the work of service, the company will be able to keep in the virtual office, where to display missed calls, voice messages, handling customers on the company website or its social networks.