Mutko denied the discovery of Meldonium in samples of Russian players

The Minister of sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko has denied the detection of the positive doping tests in women’s football team. The Minister said the Agency TASS.

That the doping test on Meldonium Russian players was positive earlier told the TV channel “360 suburbs” with reference to unnamed source and a source close to the Russian football Union (RFU). According to the channel, the doping test was conducted during the team’s training camp ahead of the qualifying match against Hungary.

“The team published, all athletes, all 24 members are at the training camp in Novogorsk. Drug test today (in Russia) is a British organization. What kind of Melidoni can be discussed if they (football players) are only going? This team has no one (on this collection), the doping of the sample did not take” — said Mutko.

The Russian women’s team consists of eleven players of the Russian club “Russian woman”: Anna Cheloveka, she Grichenko, Elvira Todua, Elena Terekhova, Elena Morozova, Anna Kozhnikova, Ekaterina Sochneva, Ekaterina Dmitrienko, Nadezhda Smirnova, Elvira and Karina Ziyastinov Blynskaya.

This morning the canadian edition of TSN with reference to its source reported that the doping test on Meldonium have a whole group of hockey players of the Russian Junior team was positive. It became known of it until a week before the world hockey championship, which begins in the US next week.

Later, the Russian team was replaced by the team players to go to the championship.

The doping scandal involving athletes use of Meldonium, broke out in early March. According to the world anti-doping Agency prohibited drug detected in the blood of more than 120 athletes, some of whom are Russians. In the use of Meldonium caught tennis player Maria Sharapova, skater Catherine Bobrov, skater Paul Kulizhnikov, short trackers Seeds Elistratova and Ekaterina Konstantinova, the swimmer Julia Yefimov, and many others.