The Finance Ministry announced the end of “all the trouble” for the economy

The Russian economy has exceeded peak shock adaptation of the balance of payments to new conditions, especially in commodity markets. This statement was made by Deputy Minister of Finance Maxim Oreshkin during a public lecture at the national research University “Higher school of Economics”. It is reported TASS.

“There are risks, but the worst for the Russian economy from the point of view of adaptation to the new conditions behind,” said Oreshkin.

According to him, the new changing conditions is easier.

“All movements are much more limited, because the Russian economy to the price of $30-40 per barrel adapted, the balance of payments was adjusted,” — said the Minister.

He noted that Russia has adapted to the new conditions is easier in comparison with the countries of South-East Asia, Brazil, Turkey and other States.

Earlier in the morning Vice Chairman of the Central Bank Ksenia Yudaeva said that the situation in the Russian economy develops more positively than expected. “I would have concentrated on the word “crisis”. Our situation best describes the term “new reality”, i.e. it does not temporary difficulties, and new coordinates in which our economy will develop”, — said Yudaeva.

In early February, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, on the contrary, urged Russians to prepare for protracted problems in the economy. According to him, the Ministry does not expect bounces from the viewpoint of improving the balance of payments that occurred in previous years.