The U.S. threatened to block a UN through the sale of su-30 to Iran

Fighter su-30 CM

The U.S. Undersecretary of state for political Affairs Thomas Shannon told members of the US Senate Committee on foreign relations that Washington is “likely to veto the resolution on delivery of the Iranian su-30”, betrays Reuters.

Shannon also noted that such a deal needs to be approved by the UN security Council.

About the plans of Iran on the purchase of Russia’s su-30 was first reported in August 2015 — then military-diplomatic source of Agency “Interfax” said that Tehran wants to buy a batch of su-30 (multirole heavy fighter aircraft, which are analogues to the American F-15E) and training and combat aircraft Yak-130, as well as surface ships of class “Frigate” and submarines.

In early February, defense Minister of Iran Hossein Dehghan said that the Islamic Republic is interested in acquiring Russian su-30. However, he did not specify how many aircraft involved, and the timing of a possible transaction.

On 16 February, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that Iran wants to buy Russian military equipment and weapons worth at least $8 billion high-Ranking interlocutor “RIA Novosti” from the Federal service for military-technical cooperation then told that the contract for the supply of su-30 will be signed between Moscow and Tehran until the end of 2016.

A possible deal to supply su-30 to Iran have already commented on the official U.S. state Department spokesman mark tonner, he emphasized that the supply of su-30 are inconsistent with an embargo on the supply of arms to Iran, therefore this transaction will require the authorization of the UN security Council.

In the autumn of last year Russia has already signed a contract on supplying Iran with weapons — air defense systems s-300. In December, the delivery of complexes to Iran.