Putin urged to refer to the experience of defence production during the war

President Vladimir Putin supported the idea of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who proposed to refer to the experience of the great Patriotic war in the relocation of defense enterprises.

“Regarding the appeal to experience even the beginning of the great Patriotic war mean the relocation of our defence companies: modern methods of warfare are such that to move anybody anywhere need not be, — Putin said at a meeting of the organizing Committee “Victory” (quoted by TASS). But to see how the production was organized, especially in the defense sector certainly makes sense. We need to understand today, what do we do and how we do. So the appeal to the past experience, a positive experience — it would be superfluous”.

The President also mentioned the importance of social, educational and scientific component to consolidate in the historical memory of the people of all that was done during the war.