Player Radimov deprived of rights for drunk driving

Coach of football club “Zenit-2” Vladislav Radimov deprived of the rights of driving for a year and a half for driving while intoxicated, reports the correspondent of “Fontanka” from a court hall.

In addition, the court fined Radimova 30 thousand rubles.

The court found that the player got behind the wheel drunk in the night from 13 to 14 March 2016. It stopped the traffic police have recorded signs of intoxication — breath and an unstable posture. However, to pass the medical examination, the man refused. Previously “Fontanka” reported that neither the rights, nor documents to the car Radimova at itself was not.

At trial, the defendant was absent, citing some legitimate reason, however, the publication emphasizes that he admitted his guilt and repented.

Radimov previously apologized for the incident. “I hope that my situation will serve as an example for all. Surely each of us has a friend who once got into the same trouble. The most important thing is to confess and never to repeat such mistakes. After the first home games on the following day was a scheduled day off, and I allowed myself to drink a little wine,” said the player in an interview with the newspaper “Sport-Express”.

He also explained that his wife Tatiana Bulanova was with him, but left early and accidentally took the documents in her bag.

According to “Fontanka”, in 2012, the footballer have already lost a driver’s license is also due to driving while intoxicated.