In case of fire in a private house in the Tomsk region killed eight people

In the village Molchanovo Molchanov district of the Tomsk region there was a fire in a private home, which killed eight people, including three children. This was reported on the website of the regional administration TFR.

In fact the incident started checking the investigating authorities of the TFR in the Tomsk region. According to preliminary data, the fire in a private wooden house there was about 22:00 local time (19:00 MSK).

At fire extinguishing in the house were found the bodies of seven people – three women, two men, and boys and girls 2006 and 1999 years of birth respectively. Another child, a boy born in 2000, died in the intensive care unit.

As noted in the TFR message, during check it was established that seven of the victims were relatives of one of the dead men were there.

At the moment on the fire place, investigators are working. They carry out the inspection of the crime scene and interrogate witnesses. In addition, were appointed is judicial-medical and fire-technical examination. By results of check will be a procedural decision.