A Turkish court arrested the alleged murderer of a Russian pilot of su-24

A Turkish court to three months was arrested a suspect in the murder of the Russian pilot of SU-24 Alparslana of Celik. About it reports CNN Turk.

The Celik together with six associates were arrested for illegal possession of firearms. Eight other detainees were released under recognizance not to leave. During the court session çelik denied the charges.

Together with fourteen colleagues, he was detained in Izmir province on March 31 during a police RAID. Later he was indicted on several counts, including fraud. An arrest warrant was also related to the fact that çelik in 2014 escaped from prison, where he was to spend 2.5 years for numerous offences.

The reason for the detention of Turkish citizens was an anonymous call which said that some people sitting in the restaurant with guns. As a result of the detention of the group, which included çelik, found a Kalashnikov rifle, two radios, six guns and 150 rounds of ammunition.

The death of the Russian pilot was not the reason for the arrest and detention of Celik. The source Agency Dogan with reference to the protection of Celik reported that the shooting of the Russian pilot is not relevant to detention.

By arrested Turkish citizen in an interview with the newspaper Hurriyet admitted that he killed the pilot of the su-24 after he ejected from the bomber. He explained that the Russian aircraft five minutes before the attacks of the Turkish air force strafed the position of “his brothers” — the Syrian Turkmen.

The su-24 was shot down by Turkish military aircraft over Syria on 24 November last year. Ankara claimed the plane had violated the country’s airspace. Moscow denied it.