Poroshenko appreciated the article in the New York Times as part of the “hybrid war”

Commenting on an editorial of the newspaper The New York Times, which dealt with corruption in high Ukrainian guide, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that his country is “hybrid war”.

“I am aware of this article”, — quotes the President of “Ukrainian truth”.

“I would like to clearly comment on: today against Ukraine is a hybrid war, including through mechanisms for disseminating information, discrediting the Ukrainian state”, — said Poroshenko during a visit to the United States.

An article in The New York Times criticized the policy of Poroshenko was published on 31 March.

“Poroshenko as a product of the old political system, obviously, allows the continuation of corrupt practices in the country to preserve policy space. But the President, Prime Minister and Parliament should be aware that neither the IMF nor the donor countries, including the US, are not going to throw money into a “swamp of corruption”, — was stated in the article.

According to the publication, the dismissal of the Prosecutor General Viktor Shokina, is not sufficient to signal the resolve of the Ukrainian authorities to conduct a serious fight against corruption.

“Systemic corruption in Ukraine has a long history. It closely binds politicians, tycoons and the affected law enforcement and the judicial system,” wrote the newspaper. The authors noted that although the US and EU pressured Kiev to achieve the resignation of the head of the Prosecutor General’s office, which during his tenure became one of the symbols of Ukrainian corruption, they will not be satisfied with a mere dismissal of the Prosecutor General.

“During his speech in Odessa in September of last year, U.S. Ambassador Jeffrey Payette said that corruption is Ukraine no less dangerous than Russian aggression in the East of the country. And Vice President Joe Biden, speaking to the deputies said that corruption devours the Ukraine “like a cancer,” wrote the newspaper.