“Lentech” announced the closure of their community in “Vkontakte”

News community “Lentech” has announced to stop its operation by the administration of “Vkontakte”. This was reported on the community page.

According to the report, the administration of the social network banned the community to post on their page any links to news, notes, articles, and great lyrics. In the administration of “Vkontakte” explained the ban by the fact that “Lentic” repeatedly violated the rules of advertising.

“Direct advertising in our community, as you know, there never were, — stressed in the community, As we managed to break the rules of posting what we never had, unknown to us”.

However, the press Secretary of “Vkontakte” Eugene Krasnikov said RBC that the social network never stopped the work of the community. “Lentech” repeatedly violated the rules of advertising apply to communities of “Vkontakte”, as well as their administrators were repeatedly warned by our support team. Today “Lentech” once again these rules are violated, then in the community have been temporarily disabled hyperlinks”, — he explained.

Krasnikov noted that at the moment the community is still active, and able to put new entries, photos and videos.