In place of the Roma unrest near Tula has burnt down several houses

In the village of Plekhanovo city district of Tula, where the Roma population, burned down two houses. Writes about this edition Myslo Tula.

The fire occurred on Mayakovsky street, where they found an illegal tie-in pipeline. To a scene sent five fire brigades. According to preliminary information, the fire erupted in one of the houses spread to the neighboring building. In the end, they burned out almost entirely.

The head of the press service of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs Andrei Yartsev told “Interfax” that from the houses took more than five adults and more than a dozen children. According to him, none of them was hurt. He also said that the version of arson is not currently being considered.

In mid-March the Gypsies arranged in Plekhanovo unrest. This happened after they were disconnected from gas supply because of an illegal tie-in pipeline. Because of this, several hundred private houses were left without gas.

The police and gas stations tried to arrange the repairs, however, this led to unrest. The Gypsies threw guards and a local government building with rocks and bottles and burned tires.

As a result, in Plekhanovo profit hundreds of police and OMON fighters and teachers. The aim of the operation was the support of works on elimination of illegal tie-in gas pipe. Several participants in the unrest were arrested.