The opening of the airport in Brussels was postponed because of a strike of police

The management of the Zaventem airport in Brussels to partially resume flights after two explosions were postponed due to the strike of the police, dissatisfied with the accepted security measures, informs bi-Bi-si.

“We are on strike because of what happened on 22 March. We can’t continue [to work] as if this day wasn’t”, — said the President of the largest police Union Belgium Vincent Gilles.

He noted that police believe the measures adopted by the airport, “insufficient for those who work in it and use it”. The airport management, however, insists that the law enforcement test will create the queue and will lead to new risks.

Earlier, the airport authorities announced a partial resumption of work. It is reported that in the air Harbor open time zones check, noting at the same time that the airport will be able to work only 20% of its capacity.

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The world is mourning those killed in the terrorist attacks in Brussels

On the morning of Tuesday, March 22, in Brussels within hours there were explosions at the airport and on one of the metro stations. The number of victims of terrorist attacks at least 26 people, 136 people…

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On 22 March in Brussels, the terrorist attacks occurred. First, two explosions thundered at the airport of Zaventem, then another one at the metro station “Maelbeek”. According to official statistics, the total death toll reached 35 people, including three terrorists. 340 people were injured. The responsibility for what happened assumed “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia).

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Explosions in Brussels

On the morning of 22 March at the Brussels airport in Zaventem were two explosions. According to preliminary information, the explosive devices were detonated in the reception area of the airport. Two hours later the explosion occurred…

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