The composition of the fleet of Russia in the Mediterranean sea entered two landing ship

The Russian flotilla in the Mediterranean sea included two large amphibious ships. About this “Interfax” said a source in the Main headquarters of the Navy.

“On Tuesday through the black sea Straits course the Mediterranean sea proceeded BDK “Minsk” of the black sea fleet (BSF), Thursday — BDK “Alexander Trakowski” Northern fleet”, — he told.

It is noted that “Alexander Trakowski” from the composition of the permanent operational connection the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea comes regularly to replenish stocks in the black sea ports of Russia and, in particular, to Novorossiysk.

March 28, Bosphorus Naval News has published photos of a number of vessels including Russian, passed through the Bosphorus. It was noted that, judging by the photo on Board the “Minsk” is a burden.

March 30, Reuters published an investigation stating that instead of having to transport the equipment from Syria, Russia continues to intensively supply its Syrian base. “Action [“library”] and other courts for two weeks after the announcement of Putin on a partial withdrawal of troops suggest that Moscow actually delivers to Syria more equipment than was exported during the same period”, — stated in the publication.

Russian aviaperelet was held in Syria from 30 September. On 14 March the President of Russia Vladimir Putin agreed to start the withdrawal of the main forces from Syria.