The United States will send to Europe new brigade to deter “Russian aggression”

Tanks of the U.S. army M1A2 Abrams tanks during a training exercise in Latvia, 2014

The Pentagon plans to expand military presence in Eastern Europe in February 2017 and will be located in the region of an additional, third armoured brigade to deter “Russian aggression”, reports Associated Press with reference to the statement by the us defense Department.

The team will consist of 4,2 thousand soldiers and hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment, tanks, artillery installations and other facilities. According to The Wall Street Journal, talking about accommodation in the region of 250 units — tanks, infantry fighting vehicles Bradley, and Paladin artillery. Besides, 1.7 thousand will be transferred auxiliary funds.

Pentagon spokesman Laura Forces explained that sending crews and equipment would allow the Agency to practice your ability of quick positioning of equipment and forces in Europe. “This is the most modernized equipment which could offer an [American] army, it is in the next year will replace less modern equipment, which we placed in Europe in recent years,” she said.

The Deputy head of the Pentagon Robert Wark WSJ explained the need for the deployment of U.S. armed forces the fact that many countries in Eastern Europe Express concern over “Russian aggression” and questioned the readiness of the USA to protect the region. The new measure, the Pentagon needs to dispel these fears, said Wark.

Permanent representative of Russia to NATO Alexander Grushko on the TV channel “Russia-24” said Wednesday that Russia is preparing an asymmetrical response to the increased presence of NATO and, in particular, the United States at the Russian border. “Of course, the answer will be absolutely asymmetric, it will be calibrated so that it matches with our understanding of the extent of the military threat, was most effective and was extremely expensive”, — he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

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“We see that the U.S. continues to strengthen its military presence in Europe with a focus on the Eastern front. We are not passive observers and consistently carried out all those military measures that are necessary to compensate for this unjustified increased military presence”, — said the permanent representative.

In January, the European command of the armed forces of the United States unveiled a new strategy in which he listed their main priorities for the coming years. First on the list is “deterring Russian aggression”. “Russia’s participation in some joint activities to combat terrorism and drug trafficking now obscured the fact that Russia does not respect the sovereignty of its neighbors in Europe and violates a number of agreements”, — stated in the strategy.

In February it became known that the draft of the U.S. budget for the new fiscal year by way of the state Department provided $952 million to “counter Russian aggression”. The main countries at risk, the Washington considers Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.