The Ukrainian military brought a jar of honey with explosives got 15 years

In Ukraine for 15 years of imprisonment condemned inhabitant of the Luhansk region, which brought on a post of the Kiev military explosives, disguised as a jar of honey. It is reported by the Prosecutor’s office of Lugansk area.

Svatovsky district court of Lugansk region declared the man guilty of committing crimes stipulated by part 3 of article 258 of the criminal code of Ukraine (terrorist act that led to the death of the person) and part 3 of article 15 part 2 article 258 of the criminal code (attempt to re-commit a terrorist act) and sentenced him to 15 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property, is spoken in the message of the Supervisory authority.

Prosecutors said that in January 2015 a local resident brought to the checkpoint of the armed forces of Ukraine a package disguised as a jar of honey explosive device. The explosion killed one of the soldiers.

According to investigators, in February of the same year, the convict attempted to commit another armbar, but it had been detained by the police.