The airplane stewardess EgyptAir explained the confusion with the name of the hijacker

Confusion with the name of the man who hijacked EgyptAir airliner March 29, was due to the fact that he took someone else’s place in the cabin. About it to Agency Associated Press reported the flight attendant, Ruida Ihab.

She also said that the hijacker had checked the passports of passengers and looking for foreigners. Citizens of Egypt and holders of dual citizenship did not interest him, said Ihab.

Earlier, the hijacker was named teacher of veterinary medicine Ibrahim Samaha. Later he denied his involvement in the hijacking and stated that it was an ordinary passenger, and also said that left the plane together with the rest of the hostages.

The day before 59-the summer safe al-DIN Mustafa, threatening with a belt of the suicide bomber, a plane was hijacked EgyptAir, carrying out domestic flight from Alexandria to Cairo. On Board were 81. The plane was forced to land at Larnaca airport. As it turned out, lived in Cyprus ex-wife of a hijacker. After planting Mustafa demanded the release of women prisoners in the prisons of Egypt. In the end, he surrendered to the authorities.

Once all aboard they left the plane, and the hijacker was arrested, the representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Egypt stated that Mustafa was in a “fragile psychological state”. His suicide vest was fake.

On Wednesday the District court of Larnaca was arrested Mustafa for eight days. He was accused of piracy, illegal possession of explosives, kidnapping and terrorism. The Cypriot police, he explained his action by the fact that he wanted to see his wife and children who have not seen for 24 years. Later, the Prosecutor of Egypt requested the government of Cyprus to extradite the hijacker.