Medvedev decided to postpone the increase of tariffs for non-installed meters

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev promised to order a postponement of the decision about increase of tariffs for cold and hot water for people who have not installed the counters. The head of government said this during the reception of citizens in Perm, reports RIA Novosti.

“Once it happened, I will decide that this rule on terms to take from April, to extend the period of training so that our people could be better prepared,” he said. So the Prime Minister responded to a request from one of the residents of the city a postponement of the deadline for raising the tariffs.

“I will give an instruction to a document, he is actually ready, because these appeals have already been, well, I hope you will tasks that have to solve”, — said Medvedev, adding that such requests previously been approached residents of other regions.

The Prime Minister assured that “no one wants to create impossible conditions for our citizens, despite the fact that counters are generally a thing useful”. Medvedev has noticed that the reasons why citizens do not set the counters may be different. He recalled, the energy consumption has been always. “So take, of course, it [the water] is necessary, but this should be done by a human, not straining the situation,” he concluded.

The law, which increasing coefficient to the standard for postanovka water meters, entered into force on 1 January. As previously said Deputy Minister of construction of Andrey Chibis, since January 1, the ratio for these people has grown in 3 times, and on July 1 should grow in 5 times.