In the Federation Council, the Russians advised on a monthly basis to defer 5% of salary

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Yevgeny Bushmin has advised the Russians to defer 5% of salary for a rainy day. This statement he made on the air of “Russian news service”.

According to him, to save more, for example 10%, for most citizens of the country — an impossible task.

“What 10 where the opportunity? Many and five are not, but lay. 5% for sure can’t wait, because eventually, 50% one month to one year delay is OK, that’s enough to solve their urgent problems,” the Senator said.

He admitted that he saves money for a rainy day. “My grandmother put it off, my mom was delayed. I how much money was lost in “the savings Bank” — all of them were at grandma’s for a rainy day. A “rainy day” — even to be buried. In such sizes, of course, lay. There are some good episodes, well the car is sold then immediately put. Reflected in the Declaration and the amount transferred to the Bank were interest rates,” said the Bushmin.

However, he stressed that there is no need fundamentally to strive to be postponed. The Bushmin has advised to spend money on the right things and use them. He also noted that the hoard should be careful because you can become a victim of fraud.