The Prosecutor showed video of Grabowski failure to protect “fighter GRU”

The military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine published a video in which the lawyer Yury Grabovsky before his death refused to protect the Russian Alexander Alexandrov. Briefing military Prosecutor Anatoliy Matios has been shown on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I, attorney Grabowski Yuri Leonidovich, I promise and agree to cease to provide legal assistance to the accused Alexandrov Alexander Medvedev in the framework of criminal proceedings, which is in Goloseevskiy district court of Kyiv city”, — says Grabowski on the video published by the TV channel.

“Because I find it impossible to defend further on this case”, — explained the lawyer.

In response, the narrator (companion Grabowski is not in the picture) asks the lawyer: “Why not? You realized your mistake?” “Yes, I realised my mistake.”

The Prosecutor said that this video was able to obtain from the cloud service, which presumably registered one of the killers of a lawyer. He added that there are several such videos, but prosecutors showed the “most important”.

Matios also noted that existing prosecutorial videos and records that may appear in the future, will help the investigation to come closer to the circle of customers and to find the motive behind the murder.

According to the Prosecutor, he could not yet answer all questions that may arise in the media because of the confidentiality of the investigation. “Behold the root”, — told Matios journalists.

The lawyer Alexandrova, which in Ukraine is called “the fighter GRU”, was found shot to death March 25, 2016 in the forest 27 km from Zhashkiv in Cherkasy oblast. At the foot of the dead man was wearing a bracelet with explosives. It is assumed that it threatened to blow up while trying to escape. The disappearance of human rights activist became known on 9 March.

The defendant Grabowski Alexander Alexandrov and another Russian — Eugene Erofeev detained in the Luhansk region in may 2015. Kiev claims that they are active fighters of the GRU. However, the defense Ministry immediately stated that at the time of travel in the Donbas both have already resigned from the Russian army. Also, Russian officials have repeatedly stressed that the Russian military are not involved in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

At the same time, the security Service of Ukraine published video of interrogation of the Russians, in which they admit that they are active military. Later Yerofeyev said that he had made these statements under torture.