The media showed a video inspection hijacker A320 before flight

The Egyptian edition of Youm7 published a video, which depicted the pre-flight inspection of the aircraft hijacker of EgyptAir.

The video shows how a man walks through the metal detector, it is examined by a security officer, however, retains it and passes on.

ننفرد بنشر فيديو تفتيش مختطف الطائرة المصرية فى مطار #برج_العرب#سيف_الدين #EgyptAir #Cyprus #قبرص @EGYPTAIR

A320 aircraft flying from Alexandria to Cairo, was hijacked Tuesday morning. Onboard the liner there were 81 people, including seven crew members. One of the passengers, threatening the pilot with a belt of the suicide bomber and demanded to change course and put the ship in Cyprus. It was later revealed that the belt was fake — it was made of covers for mobile phones.

Who hijacked a plane man, as the representative of the Cyprus foreign Ministry Alexandros Zenon, was not a terrorist, he was in a “fragile psychological state”. The hijacker demanded the release of prisoners in the prisons of Egypt women. He later surrendered to the authorities, he was detained and all passengers and crew members were released.

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The hijacking of EgyptAir

On the morning of March 29 in the skies over Egypt was invaded by the Airbus A320 EgyptAir, carrying out domestic flight MS181 from Alexandria to Cairo. Initially, the Ministry of civil…

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