Hijacker of EgyptAir plane surrendered to the authorities

Police on the background of the hijacked EgyptAir plane

As reported by Reuters, the man who seized hostages passengers and crew EgyptAir, got off the plane with his hands up and surrendered to the authorities. He was taken into custody by the security forces of Cyprus.

The foreign Ministry of Cyprus to his Twitter to officially confirmed the end of the situation with capture of hostages.

For the last half hour before the hijacker left the plane, the ship left another group of hostages. Most went down the ladder, one man left the ship through the cockpit. He climbed through the window and dropped to the ground.

Airbus A320 EgyptAir, carrying out domestic flight MS181 from Alexandria to Cairo, was captured this morning in the skies over Egypt. On Board, according to the Cypriot authorities, there were 81 passengers. According to Reuters, the crew consisted of seven people. The Ministry of civil aviation of Egypt reported that a passenger with a suicide belt threatened the pilot of the plane and demanded to change the route and land a plane in Cyprus.

After landing most of the passengers left the plane. Then the man, whom the Cypriot authorities have identified as the safe Eldin Mustafa, has put forward the demand to release women prisoners from Egyptian prisons.