The CEC chose a new Chairman

Ella Pamfilova at the first meeting of the new composition of the Central election Commission on 28 March 2016

On Monday held its first meeting of the new composition of the Central election Commission, which held a leadership Commission.

For the position of Chairperson of the Commission nominated two candidates for CEC members: Sergey Sirotkin offered his candidacy, Boris Ebzeev has mooted candidature of the former Commissioner for human rights Ella Pamfilova.

“I think that Ella Alexandrovna is no need to introduce”, he stressed. In Russia not so many politicians, “who are actively involved in politics almost 30 years” and during that time has maintained its credibility, said Ebzeev. He noted the achievements Pamfilova in the field of protection of human rights.

Pamfilova promised myself honestly and in good faith to perform his duties if elected as the Chairperson.

For her candidacy voted 14 people. Sirotkin voted for one person.

Pamfilova was one of five people appointed to the new composition of the CEC by the presidential decree. Since the purpose it was intended for the post presidents of the Commission. In particular, the interlocutor of RBC, close to the Kremlin, said that the appointment authority figures, including respected in human rights circles, is a continuation of the way to transparent and competitive elections.

According to political scientist Alexander Kanev, the appointment Pamfilova will try the power of “makeup” to the already formed system of elections is his personal reputation, she has to cover made to the electoral law changes without affecting the electoral process.

Only the composition of the CEC was composed of 15 members with the right to vote five people on to the quota of the state Duma, five by the quota of the Federation Council, the last “five” appointed by the President. The ex-CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov in the new composition of the Commission is not included.