Minority shareholders of “Revival” refused to sell shares to the brothers Ananyev

Minority shareholders of Bank Vozrozhdenie not interested in the offer to purchase shares, which at the beginning of the year came from billionaire Dmitry and Alexey ananyevich. This was reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the member of the Board of Directors of “Renaissance” Vladislav Khokhlov.

28 March is the deadline when the minority shareholders of “Revival” can sell their paper to PSB, said the newspaper. Khokhlov said that by March 27 paper presented holders only 2% of the shares of the credit institution. The sum of the redemption amount to 250 million rubles, he added.

In mid-January, the new owners of the Bank “Revival” — Ananiev brothers — suggested that the Bank minority shareholders to sell their shares for RUR 533 RBC Sources in the PSB noted that the proposed price is below the market, since 14 January, the share price was 600 rubles, and at the same level the securities were traded the previous three months.

As noted by “Vedomosti”, the offer price ananyevich was formed on the basis of the weighted average cost of the securities over the last six months preceding the date of the proposal.

Patterns brothers ananyevich de-facto control more than 70% of the Bank “Revival”. Another of 9.99% owns their partner — Viktor Pichugov, 6.97% of the shares is owned by the son of the founder of the Bank Dmitry Orlov Nicholas. The remaining 10.7% of the Bank shares belong to minority shareholders.