The media learned about the negotiations in the last seconds of the flight of the crashed Boeing

In the editorial office of “Vesti” was the transcript of talks in the cockpit of Boeing 737-900 aircraft, which crashed during landing approach at the airport of Rostov-on-don on March 19. The TV channel notes that this is not an official document, which the newspaper received from sources at the Commission of inquiry.

As follows from the publication, the retry approach in difficult meteorological conditions, the captain of the Aristos Socratous decides to abandon it, and this attempt gives the order to gain height.

“Recruited 50”, is going to train 1500 meters.

After that, Boeing rises with an angle of 15 degrees, the plane goes up, the climb continues for 40 seconds. However, before reaching the echelon, the commander turns off the autopilot and after disconnecting the autopilot Boeing dives down.

Then in the cab we hear a phrase: “don’t worry, pull!”.

“The last six seconds in the cockpit, according to our source, heard an inhuman cry. We decided not to reproduce it”, — writes the edition.

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