The aide refused the words of resignation Medina

Advisor to the President of Russia on culture Vladimir Tolstoy said that about a corruption scandal in the Ministry of culture and the future of Vladimir Medinsky incorrectly interpreted. He said this to journalists.

“Why are you setting me up? You know, I sincerely say something, and then it is interpreted completely differently and I just feel so bad for journalists. I have a degree in journalism, and I’m ashamed of today’s journalism, because for the sake of embellishment and some fried fact we are ready to embroil the people, to misquote the words to Express them somehow so that it was a sensation,” he said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

He urged the society “to calmly deal, to be honest with ourselves”, adding that “the people who occupy positions in state administration, too, you just need to be honest with ourselves”. “I just answered the question. I didn’t see a camera or not camera. And then I saw the headlines that had nothing to do with what I wanted to say. This is very disappointing,” added Colon.

He emphasized that he respected Medina. “He has done a lot, and as if this is not possible, no need to cross. But the situation, to put it mildly, unconventional. It is very sad, because in a culture such things should not be General. I very much hope that, in General, will understand. But everything else is as it is not my competence,” — said the adviser.

Two days ago, Tolstoy commented on the case of plunder at the Ministry of culture. “If I were at this moment at this place — I would do it immediately,” the adviser said to journalists on Wednesday in response to the question, shouldn’t the Minister of culture to resign in connection with the corruption scandal. “If I were culture Minister [Vladimir Medinsky], I felt responsible for selected team”, — said the adviser.

Medina the same day asked to comment on the words of Tolstoy replied that he did not know what said Advisor to the President. “Not read”, — he said.

Last week the court at the request of the FSB had arrested six persons involved in business on plunders in the Ministry of culture. It involved, in particular, is the Deputy Minister Grigory Pirumov. Also arrested were the Director of the Department of property management of the Ministry of culture Boris Mazo, the Director of FSUE “Centralafrica” Oleg Ivanov, Director and managing Director of Baltstroy Dmitry Sergeyev and Alexander Kochenov, as well as Advisor to the CEO of the company “Linnet-consult” Nikita Kolesnikov.

RBC wrote that the Deputy head of the Ministry of culture Pirumov suspected of theft during the restoration of monuments of culture, and the detention of top managers of “Baltstroy” connected with the restoration of Novodevichy convent in Moscow. The investigators believe that Sergeev together with Kochenower arranged the contract on behalf of the Ministry of culture with the organization CJSC “Stroifaza” which received 50 million rubles for the work. According to investigators, the payment amount was too high, and the participants of the criminal group falsified certificates about performance of works.

Two days ago, “Kommersant” wrote that the head of the Commission for culture of the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Maxim Reznik and five independent MPs have prepared a draft appeal of the city Parliament to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with the offer to send Medina to resign.