Brussels suicide bomber was involved in the attack at the Bataclan in Paris

The Bataclan club in Paris, 17 March 2016

One of the suicide bombers, blew himself up at Brussels airport, was Lacroi Najim, also a suspect in terrorist attack on Paris the Bataclan club in November last year. His identity was confirmed by the Federal Prosecutor of Belgium, reports in Friday’s Le Figaro.

Lagrue blew himself up at Brussels airport together with the Brahmin al-Basrawi. The third terrorist is still at large.

What Lacroi, which is also suspected of involvement in the attack on the Paris club Bataclan, identified as one of the suicide bombers at the airport of Brussels, reported CBS News citing a source in the Belgian police. They noted that DNA Lacroi were found at the blast site in the Brussels airport.

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Explosions in Brussels

On the morning of 22 March at the Brussels airport in Zaventem were two explosions. According to preliminary information, the explosive devices were detonated in the reception area of the airport. Two hours later the explosion occurred…

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According to the Belgian Prosecutor’s office, DNA Lacroi were also found several explosive devices used in attacks on 13 November in Paris, as well as in “the piece of cloth used at the club Bataclan” in Paris.

A series of terrorist attacks took place in Brussels on 22 March. As a result of two explosions at the airport of the Belgian capital and one in the station killed 31 people, nearly 260 were injured.

Paris suffered a series of terrorist attacks on November 13 last year. Three of the attackers detonated a suicide belt at the Stade de France, which hosted the football match between France and Germany. Another group of terrorists attacked a cafe and restaurants. Three militants took hostages at the Bataclan club, which hosted the concert of the band Eagles of Death Metal. Victims of attacks are 130 people.