The Federal air transport Agency denied the permit to Turkey flights “the Ural airlines”

The representative of Federal air transport Agency, quoted by “RIA Novosti”, said that the decision to grant permits for flights to Turkey airline “Ural airlines”, which was reported earlier Thursday, by an inter-Ministerial Commission, but the Agency has no plans to allow airline flights to Turkey.

“This decision is taken by the Interdepartmental Commission, but with the development of international situation and the real threats of terrorist acts on the territory of Turkey, the Federal air transport Agency does not confirm the willingness and has no plans to issue any permits “Ural airlines” for flights to Antalya, and considers unacceptable under the circumstances, to develop regular air transport between Russia and Turkey”, — have informed in Rosaviation.

As informs Agency “Interfax”, the Department stated that the information that “the Ural airlines” allowed flights to Turkey, is not true. “In accordance with the requirements of the air legislation of the Federal air transport Agency published on its official website the decision of a special Interdepartmental Commission on the admission of Russian airlines on the international flights. The information that the Agency allowed “the Ural airlines” to fly to Turkey is not true”, — have informed in Rosaviation.

Earlier on Thursday on the website of the Federal air transport Agency published the decree according to which the airline “Ural airlines” has received permission to regular flights to Turkish Antalya. The order said that regular flights on the Mediterranean coast can be made from Rostov-on-don, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod to seven times a week.

Earlier aircraft “Ural airlines” flew to Turkey on Charter terms, however, from 1 December 2015 Charter air transportation between Russia and Turkey is prohibited. The ban was imposed by Russian government as one of the “special economic measures” impact on Turkey due to the deterioration of relations between the two countries that followed the destruction of the Turkish fighters in Syria, the Russian bomber su-24.

The same decree of the government of the Russian tour operators were ordered to “refrain” from selling to the Russians of tours to Turkey. However, regular flights between the two countries to stop did not, so tourists who wish to travel to Istanbul or the Turkish resorts of their own, it may do so.