The company of the arrested Leonid Melamed will lose the main customer

General Director of HC “Composite” Leonid Melamed

The main customer

31 March 2016 between the holding company (HC) “Composite” and “Rosatom” ends a contract to manage the assets of the Corporation, told RBC official representative of “Composite”. To renew the contract the Corporation will not, he says. A source close to Rosatom, confirmed these words, adding that now the Corporation plans to develop the composite materials themselves. The press service of Rosatom did not respond to a request RBC.

HC “Composite” is a managing company. 75% “Composite” is owned by CJSC “Investment-financial Corporation “Alemar” and 25% — CJSC “Unichim-Composite”, should from the database “SPARK-Interfax”. Since 2009-General Director of “Composite” is the former head of “RUSNANO” Leonid Melamed.

“Rosatom” still was the largest partner in “Composite”: remuneration under a management contract contributed up to 70% of total income, said a source close to one of the parties. The company’s revenue by the end of 2014, according to “SPARK-Interfax”, was 980,4 mln, net profit of 189 million rubles Financial indicators for the year 2015 in the system yet. The company itself this information has not been disclosed.

“Rosatom” and “Composite” signed a contract six years ago, in 2010, said the “Composite”. Under the contract “Composite” controls two factories for the production of carbon fiber — “Argon” and “Plant carbon and composite materials” (LLC “ZUKM”). These companies are 100% owned by Rosatom. SUKM was established in 2006, “Argon” — in 1976. They are the only suppliers of strategically important products based on carbon fiber for the enterprises of the military-industrial complex (for example, the fuselage of the aircraft), said the interlocutor of RBC in the “Composite”. In addition, “Composite” controls the plant “Rosatom” for the production of carbon fiber “Alabuga-Fiber” (launched in may 2015; through a complex ownership structure of the company almost fully owned by Rosatom).

“Composite” expects to continue working without a major customer — in particular, through the development of their enterprises. For example, “Composite” owns a research center which is engaged in development of carbon fiber with improved characteristics, and plant “Composite-Fiber”, which makes raw carbon fibre.

Moreover, after the departure of “Rosatom” HC “Composite” will remain another major partner is the state company “Rosnano”. In particular, in autumn 2011, “Composite” and Fund for infrastructure and educational programs (FIEP) of RUSNANO has established a Nanotechnology center of composites (33,3% owned by “Composite”, “RUSNANO” and DowAksa), which provides engineering services and manufactures finished products from composites. Also HC “Composite” holds a 26% stake in the portfolio company “RUSNANO” “Prepreg-SKM” (is engaged in manufacture of fabrics and composite materials-semi-finished products).

The representative of “Composite” insists that his company will continue to work with “Rosnano”. To terminate the cooperation the parties intend that confirms the source of RBC in “Rosnano”.

Under investigation

The RBC source in “Rosatom” and the representative “Composite” I assure you that break of business relations is not linked to the arrest of Leonid Melamed.

Melamed is under investigation from the summer of 2015. The investigative Committee accused Melamed of embezzling 220 million rubles to the state Corporation “RUSNANO” (then — “Rosnanotech”). According to the prosecution, in 2007 and 2009 Melamed concluded contracts “RUSNANO” investment-financial Corporation “Alemar”, co-owner of which he also was. The contracts assumed that “Alamar” will provide RUSNANO Advisory services to the value of 220 million rubles.

In the implementation of the scheme, according to investigators, the Melamed was his Deputy Andrey Malyshev and Corporation’s chief financial officer Svyatoslav Ponurov. Summer 2015 Ponurov is under arrest, the kid wanted.

In August 2015 to the case of Melamed a consequence admitted the positive characteristics from the head “Rosnano” Anatoly Chubays and head “Rosatom” Sergey Kiriyenko. The Melamed did not admit guilt.

At the end of February Basmanny court extended the house arrest of the Melamed until 11 June 2016. For comment now impossible by judicial decision to Melamed is allowed to communicate only with family members, lawyers and representatives of Investigative Committee, noted in “Composite”.