In Syria killed a Russian spetsnaz officer

View of Palmyra, October 2015

A Russian officer, who is not named, died in the district of Palmyra in Syria. According to the representative of the Russian sites “Hamim” that officer was killed, once in the environment, causing the fire itself.

“In the area of the settlement Tadmor (Palmyra) in carrying out special tasks to restore Russian aircraft strikes on targets Islamic state terrorists (banned in Russia) killed the officer of the Russian special operations forces,” — said the representative of the Russian journalists (quoted by RIA Novosti).

According to the representative of the Russian launch facility, the victim officer had carried out a fighting task in the region of Palmyra during the week. He identified objects by ISIL, “giving the exact coordinates for strikes by Russian aircraft”.

“The soldier died a hero by calling the fire itself after it has been discovered by the terrorists and is surrounded”, — said the Russian representative (quoted by “Interfax”).

Earlier, the Kremlin officially recognized the deaths of five Russian soldiers killed during operations in Syria.

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