Belgium has lowered the terrorist threat level in the country

The Belgian authorities have reduced the level of terrorist threat in the country with a maximum up to the penultimate indicator. It is reported Reuters.

The Agency notes that the police did not explain what security measures will be to work in the country.

The terrorist threat level in Belgium remained high from November of last year. Then on the night of 14 November has been a series of terrorist attacks in Paris. As a result of the incident killed more than 130 people and more than 350 were injured. One of the main suspects was a resident of the Brussels district of Molenbeek Salah Abdeslam. The threat level was not reduced after the detention of Abdeslam March 18.

Maximum, the fourth, the terrorist threat level in the country was introduced after the terrorist attacks on March 22. Then two explosions occurred at the airport of Brussels Zaventem, one explosion occurred at the metro station “Maelbeek”. As a result of the incident killed more than 30 people, more than 250 were injured.

Investigators have named three of the attackers. According to preliminary data, explosions at the airport arranged Najim, Laasri and Brahim al-Batrawy, in the subway attack was made by the brother of the late Khalid al-Bakri. Brothers al-Basrawi died, Masrawi wanted. Responsibility for what happened took over, not a terrorist organization “Islamic state”.

Previously broadcasting company RTBF reported that Belgian intelligence services are searching for another alleged participant in the terrorist attacks in Brussels. According to her, he got to record surveillance cameras in the subway, which shows that it is a big bag. It is unknown whether he is alive or not, the person sought was not established.