Seagull demanded under the microscope to verify the legitimacy of cases against the business

Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika demanded to carefully check the legitimacy of criminal cases against representatives of business. Such a statement he made at the Board meeting, which was also visited by Vladimir Putin, Interfax reported.

“Prosecutors need to radically change the situation. Based data [the President] orders require check out literally under a microscope legality of excitation of criminal cases against businessmen,” said Chaika.

In his opinion, it is necessary to enhance responsibility of officials “abusing their powers in relation to the entrepreneurs”.

Chaika also said that in 2015, prosecutors have overturned more than 2 thousand 200 illegal resolutions on initiation of criminal cases on economic crimes, and stopped nearly 500 violations of the vowels in conducting operational activities in respect of businesses.

“Show it so that the business felt. Respond to violations of the investigative jurisdiction, incorrect legal qualification of the offense, take a principled stance when examining requests for the arrest of entrepreneurs,” called gull subordinates.