Two citizens of Belarus denied any involvement in the terrorist attacks in Brussels

Citizens of Belarus Ivan and Alexey Dovbish rejected accusations of involvement in the terrorist attacks in Brussels. He announced this in an interview with Minsk “Euroradio”.

“If we suicide, why are we living now? If we were terrorists, why were we not arrested?” — said Ivan Dovbush. He noted that terrorism charges in his address and the address of a brother began to arrive on March 14, they asked Belgian intelligence services.

“We were told that they know nothing about it and claims to us there,” says Ivan Dovbush.

According to Alexei Dovbysh, he also has no problem with Belgian law enforcement agencies. “The police told me that information about my involvement in the terrorist attacks — the local gossip, and they do not pay attention,” he says.

Day on 22 March, several media reported that three Belarusians — Marat Yunusov, as well as brothers Dovbush — checked for involvement in terrorist attacks in Belgium. This was reported TUT.BY citing a source “close to the subject.” All three are natives Gomelskoj area, but several years living in Belgium.

About the possible involvement of Yunusova and Dovbusha the terrorist attacks and told a senior member of the law enforcement bodies of Belarus in a conversation with Sputnik. Thus the interlocutor of the Agency noted that Yunusov is a native of Dagestan.

In an interview with “RIA Novosti” head of the press service of the KGB of Belarus Dmitry Pomarin stated that the Board has no official information about the involvement of citizens in the terrorist attacks in Brussels. At the same time, he stressed that citizens of the Republic are the only brothers Dovbush and Yunusov has a Russian passport. According to Paragina, at the end of 2015 all of these persons were interested in the Russian FSB.

Day 22 March in the Belgian capital was rocked by three explosions, two at Zaventem airport, another one at the metro station “Maelbeek” that is near the EU institutions. According to the city hall of Brussels, in the explosion in the subway killed 20 people, and another 106 were injured. Victims of the attack at the airport, according to the health Ministry, were 11 people, another 81 were injured.

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Explosions in Brussels

On the morning of 22 March at the Brussels airport in Zaventem were two explosions. According to preliminary information, the explosive devices were detonated in the reception area of the airport. Two hours later the explosion occurred…

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