The Service “Yandex.Taxi” tripled revenue in 2015

The revenue of the service “Yandex.Taxi” in 2015, increased three times compared with the previous year to 984 million rbl., follows from published on March 22 of the annual report of Yandex.

Operating expenses “Yandex.Taxi” during the same period has increased by 8 times, up to 848 million rubles Yandex explains this dynamic growth in expenditure on marketing and advertising, which the company has spent 506 million rubles are Also high costs associated with the increase in the number of employees of “Yandex.Taxi”, a wage increase and expansion of office space. Adjusted operating profit of “Yandex.Taxi” in 2015 decreased by 1.6 times, up to 136 million rubles.

“Yandex” for the first time revealed revenue of the business in the field of taxi and several “non-core” areas that are not related to the main website and search engine. Previously they were all “hidden” in the column “Other”.

So, in the report for 2015 for the first time specified how much money “Yandex.Vertical”. The company was allocated into a separate legal entity in early 2016 and combines the sites of listings that belong to “Yandex” (“”, “Yandex.Real estate”, etc.). According to the report, the revenue of “Yandex.Verticals” in 2015 has increased by 70% compared with 2014, to 894 million rubles Operating profit has decreased in 2 times and amounted to 130 million rubles.

Also “Yandex” for the first time revealed revenue division “Experiments”. It takes into account the revenues that the company receives from media services, such as “Yandex.The music”. Revenue “Experiments” in 2014 increased by 88%, and in 2015 — 31%, to 441 million rubles. nevertheless, the Experiments remain unprofitable direction: in 2014, operating loss amounted to almost 2 billion rubles, and in 2015-m to year has grown in 1,7 times, up to 3.4 billion rubles.

Revenue e-Commerce — “Yandex.Market” (previously disclosed) increased by 17% to 3.4 billion rubles From “non-core” this area is churning out the biggest profit of 1.6 billion rubles in 2015 (11% less than in 2014).

In General “non-core” businesses “Yandex” bring the company a small share of income. The share of “search portal” in 2015, accounted for 93,5% of revenues to 55.9 billion rubles from 59.8 billion rubles.