The debtors stopped repaying loans because of the act the collectors

The debtors stopped repaying loans because of the act the collectors, which is expected to be adopted soon. About it writes “Kommersant” with reference to the respondents their collectors.

In the Agency “Activitiesother” (collection Agency subsidiary of Sberbank) publication said that from the beginning of 2016 the debtors in the number of reasons of refusal to pay on the loan were more likely to indicate anticipation of the prohibition of collection activities. “When dealing with collectors, borrowers say they will not pay, because expect that in the near future collection activity was deemed illegal, and all agencies will close,” explained the head of the Agency Dmitry Teplitsky.

In other collection agencies also confirmed these “Activitiesother”, including in “Sequoia credit consolidation”, “sentinel credit management”, the FASD included in the top 10 largest agencies in the volume of business in the market recovery. According to representatives of the companies, the failures due soon adoption of the law on the collectors come out in 2016. “Now the share of failures due to expectations of the imminent prohibition of collection activities is about 9% of all failures of debtors,” said Teplitsky.

The draft law “On protection of rights and legitimate interests of individuals with the implementation of the debt repayment” was introduced in the state Duma the Chairman of the lower house of Parliament Sergei Naryshkin and Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko.The project establishes a number of restrictions on the collection activities. In particular, if adopted, to work as the collectors will not be able people with a criminal record, and all manifolds will have to be in the registry, to be maintained by “authorized government body”.