The UN security Council condemned the launch of ballistic missiles in North Korea

The UN security Council “strongly condemned” and “expressed serious concern” because of the ballistic missiles in North Korea, reports Reuters.

The DPRK’s actions are unacceptable and contrary to UN resolutions, came to the conclusion in the security Council.

March 18, Pyongyang launched a ballistic missile into the sea of Japan, she flew about 800 km and then fell into the water. Later, the DPRK, presumably, made another run, however, the missile could explode in the air before reaching the goal.

This is not the first to launch ballistic missiles in North Korea last month. March 3, Pyongyang also launched several short-range missiles. Similar runs were made and on March 10.

The U.S. and South Korea has previously launched the largest joint military exercise, aimed at monitoring the activities of the DPRK. In response, Pyongyang threatened a “pre-emptive nuclear strike of justice”. In addition, on 11 March, the North Korean leader Kim Jong UN urged to conduct more nuclear tests in North Korea.