The authorities will pay more than 40 million rubles to the families of the victims of the crash Boeing

Rostov region Governor Vasily Golubev ordered to pay 1 million rubles compensation to each family of residents of the region who died in the crash Boeing. This was reported on the website of the regional government.

Just the head of region has disposed to allocate in compensation to the families of the victims of the crash of 41 million rubles from the reserve Fund of the budget of the Rostov region.

The accident occurred on the night of March 19. Boeing 737 collapsed on the ground when executing repeated landing approach. After his first attempt to land the ship was in the air for about two hours.

Victims of the crash were 62 people, including four children. Among those killed in the crash passengers 44 Russians, and also citizens of Ukraine, India and Uzbekistan. Among the dead Russians, 41 people were residents of the Rostov region. The crew of the aircraft consisted of one Russian and citizens of Spain, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Seychelles and Colombia.

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The crashed Boeing 737-800 in Rostov-on-don

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