Published transcript of “negotiations” dispatchers with the crew of a Boeing 737

International Advisory-analytical Agency “flight Safety” published on the website a transcript of the “negotiations” between the dispatchers of the airport of Rostov-on-don and the crew of the Boeing 737 flydubai. The recording, the authenticity of which has not yet been confirmed by officials, has previously appeared in local publications

The transcript covers the conversations in the period from 3:31 to 3:43 GMT, when the crash happened. In the course of communication with dispatchers, pilots had not complained of problems with the aircraft. The crew discussed the technical details before boarding the boat.

Video: YouTube/DonDay Rostov

As can be seen from the record, the pilots asked several times weather conditions at the airport. “Are there any warnings about the wind shear?” — asked one of the crew members at the dispatcher a few minutes before the crash. Receiving a negative reply, pilot said: “Thank you, and when you look out the window, sir, looks much better than before.”

The Manager repeatedly told that the lower border of the cloud was at an altitude of about 630 metres and the visibility was six kilometers. The wind gusts, he said, reached 18 metres per second.

Before the crash, the crew requested permission to decline and reported that the airplane descended to 600 meters. However later the pilot announced his departure on new circle, and then said goodbye to the Manager. The transcript ends with the phrase “bye-bye”.

As previously reported by Flightradar24, “FZ981 liner gained height after entering a new round, then suddenly began to fall with a vertical velocity of 21,000 ft / min (106 m/s)”. The portal also noted that the two crashed aircraft attempts to land the aircraft “Aeroflot”, performing flight from Moscow, tried three times to land at the airport. However, the Board made the decision to leave on spare airdrome.

Air crash in the airport of Rostov-on-don took place about 3:43 GMT, 19 March
On Board were 62 people, all of them died. Planting took place in difficult weather conditions, however, Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov said that weather conditions were suitable for landing.

Source of “Interfax” declared that, according to one version, the cause of the crash could be limit loads on the aircraft. In the TFR reported that among the versions considered, the error of pilots, technical malfunction and bad weather. The representatives of Federal air transport Agency emphasized that the Department does not have claims to the dispatchers and equipment of the Rostov airport.